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Designed by Chris Craft, the 19' Custom Runabout is one of the most iconic wooden boat designs from the early 1900s. It was originally produced between 1939 and 1942, and is famous for its half barrel shaped transom known as the "Barrelback".

Elionora is a near replica of this design, with the added benefit of the latest advancements in materials and technologies such as epoxy resin, fibre glass, high quality plywoods, composite construction and CNC routing. The result is a stiffer, stronger and lighter boat without any of the drawbacks synonymous with wooden boats, such as leaking, flexing and the requirement for vast amounts of maintenance. 

Elionora also utilises advancements in engine design with its 350 cubic inch V8 that produces 325HP and 518NM of torque. Fuel injection provides improved fuel efficiency with far superior reliability. Elionora boasts the use of electronic gauges, including a GPS speedometer, dimmable LED cabin lighting, front and rear heated seats, digital radio and USB charging ports.